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*nosebleed* OH YES~
Korea Hetalia Im Yong Soo

...I am officially in heaven with Pole-Dancing UK. *U* (If only he was in his Sexy Waiter outfit...)

Je vais render viste au "Poulet Frit" Kentucky et J'ai achete mes Copics, etc.
Korea Hetalia Im Yong Soo
....OH, J'echou parler francais aussi!
I dounno, I just had the urge to type out the title in (my mangled) French. =∀=

But next week, I think my family is taking a trip out to Kentucky to see some our family. So I won't be online then for atleast 3 days. If you know me in reality, you'll probably see my text you or call ALOT. XD Because somehow, my step grandparents area has reception but my here at my dads, I don't get it, but then again, AT&T SUCKS. I want Verizon back!

Today I was ready to just hang out and just act like I was in a lazy river. At 10 'o clock my dad calls up to me saying 'PUT SOME CLOTHES ON! WE'RE GOING OUT!" So I had to throw clothes on within 5 minutes, brush my teeth, wash my face, and go. Hell, I didn't have enough time to throw on my shoes! I had to put them on in the car! XD

We rode out to the city because my dad was getting his car windows tinted. We sat around a convenience store...

I needed to get that out of my system. XD As we sat around the convenience store, my dad pulled a yellow book from the shelf and we phoned a couple of art stores to find my Copic Sketch markers. The only place around was 30 minutes away, so we drove all the way there. I got a new Warm Grey No. 1 and a 4 other markers. (Prussian Blue, Baby Clue, Cool Shadow, and Ice Ocean)

I love blue colors so much. >U<

We went a Staples after that because dad needed more ink for the printer. And I wanted to check how much printing was there. It was $2.09! D< I got a better deal at Office Max, it was only $1.29! So Staples is a no-no for printing.

OH. I also belted my heart out in the car when New Divide came on the radio. (My dad ran into a Radioshack if you're gonna ask, so he wasn't there.)

Hey does anyone know where I can find white gel pens? XD I'm looking for them.

That's all I got for the day. I'll update the journal soon, when my design is done! >D

NOA, I spam you with my music.


Heehee, Actually UPDATING the LJ! SHOCKER!
Korea Hetalia Im Yong Soo
Before I start Happy Canada Day for you Canadians and in 3 days, Happy Independence Day for us Americans! <3
(YES, I do know Canada's Independence day! July 1st, man! Because I'm a dork like that.)

I'm still debating on how to design my journal. I was thinking about basing it off 'Savior' by Rise Against or maybe 'Waking up in Vegas' by Katy Perry....Or a snowy themed design. I just love winter so much...I WANT IT TO BE DECEMBER/JANUARY NAO! ;O; Snowy nights = <3

In other news, I'm babysitting my baby brother and sister for my dad. I get 40 dollars a week so I'm really trying not to spend any money. >3> I need it for buying art tables, admissions, and all sorts of other stuff. I have 100 dollars saved up so far. But I have a real urge to go on a Copic shopping spree. I wanna buy 6 markers (2 Greyish Blue, 2 Green, 1 Olive, and 1 Warm Grey) plus some white gel pens. 

/TTATT\ <( BAH! Why must I have a love for Copics and art supplies?! )

Working on super Hetalia and Jungle Ranger Keychains and stuff! I was drawing a American Civil War! Alfred but it'd failed. I'll try again...

Hiya everyone!
Korea Hetalia Im Yong Soo
I sincerely need to use this. I kind of only joined to read Hetalia, but as Aerius says, this could be my ranting place. So you'll mostly see me rambling and ranting about things ranging from school bullshit to a toaster exploding. (Ok, maybe not the toaster. But hey yo never know)

I will post a better journal later.